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FCDMF.. News, Financials and Other Items



'Harness to Help Me' loan service now available in the U.S.:

Cure4DM Foundation launches new 


loan service of donated Harnesses - July 2022  

These are nearly new or gently used, mainly HelpEmUp harnesses, which are favoured by many owners 

of dogs with DM.  These harnesses can can be an additional cost that is not always easy to find for many. 

 A good harness though can help the owner support their dog from the beginning and throughout 

the entire DM journey. 

The new service asks for a donation of just $40 including shipping to you, and when you no longer 

require the harness, you just return it to the foundation so the harness will be able to go on to help another dog. 

To make an application for a harness, just click HERE for more details.

Latest DM Research:


A really important new study to determine the potential of additional or different

 genetic factors specifically where it concerns the GSD, even beyond

the SOD1 gene mutation.

Please click HERE for more information on this new important study


Here you can find our Financial Information and IRS submissions.  If you need any further information (or are unable to copy, download or print these documents) do feel free to email us at: [email protected]


Non Exempt Application (1023 form)

2021 IRS 990N

2020 IRS 990N

2019 IRS 990N

2018 IRS 990N

2017 IRS 990N

2016 IRS 990N

2015 IRS 990N

2014 IRS 990N

2018 OP STMT

2017 OP STMT

2016 OP STMT

2015 OP STMT

2014 OP STMT

Other Things

Will you share your story about DM with us? 

Email us your story and a picture, and we will share it in our Facebook page.

People need to know they are not alone.

Is your Vet familiar with treating DM dogs? 

Whether you are in the US, UK or anywhere else in the world we need to know! We would like to help others fighting with their DM babies, to have a knowledgeable Vet. Please ask them if we can list them on our site for others that are searching for a Vet like this! Please email us their info to [email protected]


US / Canada/ Australia/ Other Worldwide Locations

We have a "DM Awareness Brochure" that can be emailed to you so you can print off as many as you like to share with friends, neighbors and local businesses.  Local Veterinarian Offices, Pet Stores, Pet Groomers or any animal friendly businesses are happy to display posters and brochures.

We need people everywhere to help us get the word out! We need more people to know DM exists, to help us fund more research to find treatments and the Cure for DM!! Five or six in each location, and when time allows, pop in to make sure they still have some available.

Just email us at: [email protected]


Hard copies of a DM Information Leaflet can be sent to you in the post

Just email us at: [email protected]

You too, will be helping to fight this disease, and helping to find the Cure!

Archive News Items

2022 - Former President, Cindy Fink steps down from FCDMF board     -  October 



We would like to acknowledge the very hard work and efforts of a true champion in the fight against DM. From fundraising to the big fight, Autumn and her Humans, the Difulvio's have been great, never-ending contributors and supporters of FCDMF from it's inception. Autumn, who now watches over her family from Heaven, has been a true Icon in this fight. Thank you for your unwavering support! We are so lucky to have you as a part of our team! We miss you Autumn!

A very successful Valentine "Lovefest" Fundraiser was hosted in February by Autumn DiFulvio and Powder Maliano. Together, they raised $2500.00 toward research, education, and to bring awareness to Degenerative Myelopathy! What a great job by all!

We are very Proud and Thankful to have them on our team!


Our First Annual Rafflethon took place on September 28, 2014. Thank you to all who made this possible! Thank you to Deb Kazsimer for graciously allowing us to play "Dear Mommy" (words, music, and © 2001 by Deborah Kazsimer) Visit: to purchase and download a copy of "Dear Mommy" and her other songs.